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Not Related! is a podcast for high-level intelekt.

I read out donations or thoughtful emails on the following episode:

Sep 19, 2018

At 17:49 I said that I was attending "Georgia Southern University" in Atlanta. I meant Georgia State University. Funny mix up (I live near Southern nowadays and that's why I got them confused while adlibbing).

4:11 "Everyone but me is dumb and irrational!"
7:27 The Arisalment of Public Choice and Rational Ignorance
11:43 Democracy BTFO?
12:52 The Miracle of Aggregation and the Wisdom of the Crowds
17:21 The Democracy of Occupy Wallstreet
19:42 Bryan Caplan's the Myth of the Rational Voter
20:17 Rational Irrationality
22:17 Systematically Brainlets?
28:29 The Origin of Political Biases
30:08 You can Donate Bitcoin now
31:14 Emails
33:30 The Urban-Rural divide in American politics
35:48 Mitchell Heisman
36:53 Muh pronouns
42:43 Schumpeter on Public Will
45:23 Logic is a Spook
46:47 James Burnham's the Machiavellian's: The Defenders of Freedom
47:19 Dante's De Monarchia
49:30 The Real Meaning of politics and persuasion
56:36 Schumpeter's Theory of Democracy as Government-seeking
59:49 de Tocqueville's Great and Small Parties
1:02:42 The Inanity of Third Parties
1:05:49 Caplan's propositions for democracy
1:08:55 Gee Bill! How come your mom lets you have TWO votes?
1:10:42 Democratic localism
1:13:37 Closing