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Not Related! is a podcast for high-level intelekt.

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Dec 19, 2018

0:00 - Introduction
1:37 - Gibs: -- Web: https://notrelated.xuz
2:14 - The Old Story of Human Evolution (Recent East African Origin)
5:55 - Philosophical Problems, bias and Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence! Muh evidence-based worldview.
8:58 - Uniparental markers: mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal DNA and Haplogroups
12:32 - Genghis Khan as the last man on earth. What if he had weak genes?
15:22 - Muh Toba erruption is Fake News
16:48 - The appeal of out of Africa
19:00 - New archeological finds in the old strawman hypothesis
20:56 - Genetic analysis of Bushmen
23:18 - Early Humans in Arabia and Southeast Asia
25:25 - Destruction of Evidence and the Lost Land of Sundaland
27:50 - The Settlement of America and Preclovis cultures
33:57 - D'nations and Livestreams
35:05 - Not the only humans
36:00 - What are Neanderthals?
37:25 -
38:25 - Denisovans
39:25 - Were Neanderthals actually dumb grugs? (Seafaring)
42:27 - Neanderthal cave constructions
45:49 - Could Neanderthals and other speak? Muh FOXP2
48:27 - The General View of Multiregionalism and the scale of history
52:26 - Morphological clades between old human varieties and modern races
55:30 - The Red-Pill on Asian people
56:16 - Conclusion and "Wuz we Hyperboreans?" teaser

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