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Not Related! is a podcast for high-level intelekt.

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Jul 31, 2020

What is "Logos" anyway? The explanation to some Bible passages rests in their original philosophical context in a Pagan world home to Stoicism, Hermeticism, Platonism, Gnosticism and more. In this episode of Not Related! ( we look at the Stoic background to the Gospel and epistles of John and the meaning of Christ as the Stoic ideal and the incarnation of the "Logos."

0:00 What's the Word? The Rise of Christian Theology.
2:53 Being "Stoic" in popular culture and philosophical Stoicism.
3:42 What does Logos mean? The rational order of the universe.
5:47 Universal vs. Individual Telos.
7:47 Bad grammar is gay.
9:40 Stoic morality explained.
11:33 The Disciples learn to #TrustThePlan with Jesus
12:30 Morality, human free will and human action: The Dog Cart Metaphor
14:43 Jesus as the Logos/Word
16:12 Jesus as the Stoic Ideal
20:50 When you're too rational to be rational!
21:50 Jesus versus ZA WARUDO (Logos vs. Cosmos)
24:12 Logos and the victory against sin versus a political messiah
27:19 Statement on Polytheism and Monotheism (Hinduism and Greek and Roman religion)
30:49 Gnosticism and Gnosis, Platonism, and early heresy
35:47 Light vs. darkness
36:55 Review