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Not Related! is a podcast for high-level intelekt.

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Oct 8, 2018

0:00 The Agricultural Revolution Has Been a Disaster for the Human Race
1:48 Spencer Well's Pandora's Seed
4:32 Cochran and Harpending's 10,000 Year Explosion
6:31 Creating a world we don't match
8:13 Roadmap

PART 1 - How Modernity affects our bodies

9:05 Are we living too long for our bodies?
13:04 Causes of death
16:44 Meme diets
18:06 Where do manlets come from?
20:53 Homogenization of the agricultural diet
22:56 Different racial genetic accomodations to agricultural diets
27:13 Luke rationalizes not brushing his teeth.
29:24 The Red-Pill on Mouth-Breathing

PART 2 - How Modernity affects our minds

32:02 Get me a Birthday Present! (
32:52 Why this isn't a book club
36:00 Self-Domestication
39:58 We're all Soyboys.
42:33 Genetic Pacification in Europe
44:32 Why Chinese don't have ADHD
47:09 Mad Geniuses
49:50 Hawks, Doves and violence as social contribution
53:35 Mutational Load, Founding Effects and Congenital Diseases (also Jews)
58:48 Eugenics isn't enough
1:00:08 Intelligence, g, IQ and the Flynn Effect
1:04:02 In defense of Child Mortality and Inceldom
1:07:46 Afrikangz confirmed for genetically superior
1:09:39 The Cycle of Civilization
1:13:17 Closing

Books and articles:
Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending - 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution
Spencer Wells: Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilizaion
Western Europe, State Formation, and Genetic Pacification:
Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence:
How fragile is our intellect? Estimating losses in general intelligence due to both selection and mutation accumulation:
Distance from sub-Saharan Africa predicts mutational load in diverse human genetics:
What Caused over a Century of Decline in General Intelligence? Testing Predictions from the Genetic Selection and Neurotoxin Hypotheses: