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Not Related! is a podcast for high-level intelekt.

I read out donations or thoughtful emails on the following episode:

Aug 24, 2018

Here are general time codes, although don't be tempted to skip around on this
one until you understand the general idea or it'll make no sense.
0:00: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
10:00: Consciousness generally
17:11: What Jaynes means by consciousness MUH QUALIA
19:43: What should we expect from the Bicameral Mind
22:39: Emails and User Comments: Economics, quantitative methods, Marxism, Big-Branded Nihilism, Emergence, Are rocks conscious?, J.F. Gariepy, Don't go to college.
34:00: A Greek Vocabulary Lesson
38:57: Le Bronze-Age Collapse Mindset (the Chad Achilles)
43:05: The Eternal Odysseus and Solon
44:50: Whomst are all these voices in my head?
46:53: The Trump inside your head
48:28: How to Organize a Bicameral Theocracy (Not saying it was aliens, but...)
54:39: Amos and Ecclesiastes
57:53: The Rise of the Fedora in the Middle East
59:28: The Words for the Bicameral Voices
1:01:46: Prophecy
1:07:20: Music and Poetry
1:10:40: Psychological states, schizophrenia and possession
1:11:43: The best of the theory and lacunae
1:14:58: Extensions and the Julian Jaynes Society
1:16:17: Big-Braned Levels of Consciousness
1:18:00: Anime pillows